Certificate Services

Certificate Registration
Certificate registration is the process of applying a new certificate to the Registration Authority (RA) with proof of identity and submitting an application form to RA. RA must verify the credentials of applicant/subscriber complying with the procedures for different classes.

Download the Application Form for New Certificate Registration here

Certificate Renewal
Certificate renewal is the issuance of a new certificate to the subscriber using existing key pair without changing any information in the certificate.

  • Circumstance for Certificate Renewal - The subscriber is necessary to renew the certificate prior to the expiration of the existing certificate if the subscriber wants to extend his certificate usage.

Download the Application Form for Certificate Renewal here

Certificate Revocation
A certificate is irreversibly revoked:

  1. if a private-key is thought to have been compromised.
  2. for failure of the identified entity to adhere to policy requirements such as publication of false documents, misrepresentation of software behavior, or violation of any other policy specified by the CA operator or its customer.
  3. If the user no longer being in sole possession of the private key (e.g., the token containing the private key has been lost or stolen).

There are two types of certificate revocation:

  1. Revocation Request by the Certificate Owner

    User can request to the Registration Authority or authorized person from MOSS CA for certificate revocation under some circumstances such as:

    1. Key Compromise
    2. Change the personnel information filled in the application form
    3. The validity period of the certification is expired
  2. Revoked by Registration Authority or MOSS CA

    The RA or MOSS CA can revoke the certificate under the following circumstances such as:

    1. The RA has reasons to believe that a material fact in the certification application is false
    2. The attached documents are not true
    3. The continued use of that certificate is harmful to the VPN.

Download the Application Form for Certificate Revocation here (in case of revocation request by certificate owner)

Certificate Searching
The Search facility can be used to locate and view the details of the certificate in MOSS CA’s Repository.